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In the year 1999, Sajal Kanti Kayal the Founder of Kankura Masat Welfare Society was accompanied by his four friends started a theatre group for women in Kankura village of South 24 Parganas to bring them from their daily home life as a house wife to the fore front of the society to bridge the gap of gender inequality which was one of the then prime concern of the area. The motto to run and establish this women theatre group was to bring leadership, self confidence, self respect and capacity to raise their own voice.


After continuing it for few years Sajal and his friends thought to start a primary school for the village kids who cannot access quality and joyful learning. In the year 2000 they started a school  called Tiyas School. The meaning of ‘’Tiyas’’ is thirsty . To give water of education and knowledge to the thirsty kids. Mission of this school is give quality education instead of bookish knowledge to the children. And vision of the centre is upliftment of the society by creating good and responsible citizen of the country. And the very next year we formed a remedial centre for the high school going students particularly those who have no guidance from home to understand their class room learning.


While doing so many social development activities in the area Sajal and his friends thought to form a registered organisation to bring all the welfare activities in a structured manner. And of course to reach more people with services and welfare activities. In 2003 on 28th October Sajal and his friends officially got registration from GoWB in the name of Kankura Masat Social Welfare Society.

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